Inner Harsh Has a New Home

The plot of yesterday followed a familiar winding and twisted plot arc for me. My day started with an update regarding the PCVI Summer Writing Seminar, where I stated that I was going to scan documents for the class website. That task was completed by 11 pm last night. I didn’t have 12 hours of scanning to complete, maybe more like 2 max. After I made my blog post, I decided to make a few changes on this website, one thing led to another, and several hours of tweaking later, I ended up with an entirely new look for the site. I’ve messed around with CSS a little before in the past, but I took a much deeper dive yesterday! This is good though, I can put it down as valuable experience for the upcoming site. I have a much better handle on customization for the site, especially using GeneratePress. I’m a big fan of the WordPress template.

Anyway, I could on for hours about this, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of in the weeds website stuff to talk about in the coming months. After customizing the site heavily, and really tweaking the look with shadows and some neat visual effects, I thought to myself, “What does Inner Harsh look like on” Quick answer, terrible. At this point and where that particular project is in terms of new content, it makes more sense for me to bring it over to Plus, it’s been cumbersome for me to tell students to go to to read my stories.

It only took a few hours to get everything over. And wow, it is so much more readable! I might actually sunset I’m still thinking about that one. I’m also debating whether I want to bring over into this archive. That project is just as much Napoleon’s as it is mine. A part of me likes to think there are old Worm Island promotional posters hanging in dark corners in Suzhou, China with the old website listed. Sunsetting the URL would break that little easter egg. I’m sure they could find it with a search, but who knows what they would come up with on a search in China!