Instructional Design

The module below is a quick introductory module featuring some of the work I’ve done. This was created with Articulate Storyline.

I created the module below regarding houseplants that are poisonous for cats. I used Articulate Storyline, Adobe Animate, and Adobe Photoshop to put this one together. One of my cats loves to eat plants, even when they are not so good for her. I was inspired by a weeklong ordeal of cat diarrhea to put this one together!

The video below is one I created with a coworker as part of the Money Sense program at Community Care Alliance. This video was shown when members of the community came in to get their taxes done for free. Money Sense was all about budgeting and saving money. This video was meant to get the public thinking about how to more effectively use their tax refund money. My coworker, Tom, is featured throughout the video. I recorded shots of him, and he went out and collected a bunch of B-roll for the video. I edited this in Adobe Premiere and Audition.

This is a video I created using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, and various recording equipment such as a DSLR, Zoom H5, and lapel microphones. Go P.A.I.D. program! The goal of this video was to recruit youth into the program and showcase how dynamic it was.

Here’s a video I created for the Harbour Youth Center at Community Care Alliance. This was created with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition, and recording equipment. This video was meant to showcase a really interesting partnership and program the Harbour Youth Center had established.