Red Eye Report

The Red Eye Report podcast is what propelled me into all this multimedia stuff. Back in 2012, Larry asked me to check out this thing called a podcast he was doing with his Xbox Live buddy, Vamp. I took a listen and gave him a detailed email with my initial impressions. They asked me to join the crew, and well, I’m still on it. I’d say the show has matured (just a little) over the past several years. It’s been a fun way for me to stay connected with friends. My handle is Oracle on the show.

Nothing is sacred on this show. It’s a free and open discussion between four friends. We might express a strong opinion about something one week and completely change our minds a few months later. It’s vulgar, crass, and sloppy. I strongly believe discourse has been severely damaged in this country over the past twenty years. People are afraid to speak about or even explore their own ideas because they fear being labeled as a racist, bleeding-heart liberal, hipster doofus (insert another hot-button issue or classification here). Our lack of open and authentic venues for exploring ideas is limiting our potential as a society. All that being said, RER is merely friends hanging out and chatting about what’s interesting to us at the time. We’re not seeking out controversial nails to hammer every week.

We’ve been focusing more on media reviews recently along with our usual discussions. For me, this takes the form of video game reviews and commentary. Another member of the show, Mistic, focuses on movie and show reviews. RER has been and remains a fun project to work on.