A New “Problem”

The PCVI Summer Writing Seminar is set to begin this upcoming Wednesday. I’m excited. I have a new “problem.” For the first time when I’ve run a workshop or event, the demand is way more than capacity! The impending budget crisis in Rhode Island and possibility for less funding has caused me to modify components of the course, particularly the What Cheer Writer’s Club co-working membership. This is now one month for the students instead of two. Reducing co-working time gives us a little wiggle room in terms of the budget and has allowed us to add a few more additional students. We’re up to fifteen students with one more in the wings. We promised to serve ten to twelve students in the original plan.

This is great news, but I need to be careful not to over enroll and lose the ability to provide a meaningful experience. If I hadn’t meticulously planned this thing, I would be more concerned. My largest consideration is that I can provide feedback on student work in a timely matter.

There is a great need out there for this type of programming. The enrollment numbers for this class prove that. We had $260 earmarked for paid and online advertising to promote the class. We didn’t use a cent of that money. It was all organic networking. It’s difficult for me to turn someone away from this class. I know how powerful and healing writing about personal experiences can be.

I’ll be conducting final checks on week one materials tomorrow and reviewing readings for the week.