Kayon Murray-Johnson, PhD. – Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island

I met Lucas in 2018-2019, while he was a part of the Adult Education Masters program here at the University of Rhode Island. I had only been at URI for about two years, and he became one of my initial points of contact for informal mentorship in this academic space. Beyond the excellence and creativity in scholarship and multimedia presentations he consistently exhibited in his graduate classes, Lucas remains curious about solving some of society’s most immediate human and technology challenges. Subsequently, he has remained confident in his knowledge of the content being offered and equally curious about other scholarly questions that might be raised around that content. He truly is passionate about lifelong learning. Instances like these remind graduate instructors like me of how fortunate it is to have someone like Lucas as part of your program – and representing that program so positively, despite any odds. Lucas Pralle is detail oriented and quality driven, but also exhibits a healthy dose of emotional intelligence. My most memorable highlights of working with him in the Adult Ed program include the fact that he is mature in his approach to learning and exudes a very pleasant, calming demeanor that consistently enriched our learning community. Of course, he has remained a skilled adult education practitioner, who is always helping staff and other students (present and past) – to troubleshoot technology problems.