Grant Apps and Program Plan Submitted!

Phew! I sent off two grant applications for the PCVI Summer Writing Seminar. They were surprisingly different in format and focus. The first application was for the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA). They are very much focused on paying artists. So the grant app was more about the “Artistic” work being done. This ended up being primarily class prep time and hours to teach the class. The second grant application went out to the Rhode Island Office of Veterans Service (RIVETS). This application was focused more on the materials and website. I learned a lot about budgeting and allocating funds while putting these applications together.

Writing the RIVETS app allowed me to think about the website and possibilities surrounding that going forward. First off, we finally picked a URL and locked it down! The PCVI’s home is going to be We wanted, but that was taken. I actually like the new one better. As Mark and I put the application together, we realized that the website and the stories that vets will be writing this summer can serve as a valuable body of work that schools and other institutions can use to learn about the veteran experience. Exciting stuff! I think this is going to open up huge opportunities in the future for us.

I also submitted an instructional design plan for the PCVI Summer Writing Seminar this week for my instructional design class at URI. I can tell this will be enormously helpful moving forward. As detailed as the plan is, it’s only scratching the surface of the design. Let’s just say I’ve set the bar high for this design. After I submitted my final for the class, I realized, “Holy crap, now I need to actually execute that plan!” I’ve taught online plenty over the past few months. All teachers have. I’m not worried about the online distance learning. The summer writing seminar is a Lamborghini–beautiful to look at and watch it race around turns. Now, I need to build it in specific detail. I’ve drawn up the plan, so I’m prepared. It’s just that…well…it’s a Lambo!

Here’s a video I created to give an overview of the program: