RISCA Proposal

Mark and I are meeting with Todd Trebour from RISCA this afternoon for a final check on our RISCA application before we submit it. I think we’re in good shape, but I guess I’m biased as well! It feels good to have all the boxes filled and necessary documents linked. Completing the grant application also means further grant applications will not be nearly as scary. Yes, it can be a bit daunting, but really it’s a piece-by-piece process that requires a good plan, diligence, and good communication.

We have one more grant application to send off to the Rhode Island Office of Veterans Services next week. Much of that work has been done in this RISCA application. Then I get to plan an awesome online class! I’m so excited to really dig into this. I’m going to have a lot of fun putting it together. It’s definitely not going to be just a Zoom call. I’m going to build a Google Site for the class, record videos, and have short story writing “drills”. I think the vets in this class will respond to activities like the drills especially well.

Fun fun. First off, let’s get this RISCA grant application out the door!