Holy Coronavirus!

Well then. Here we are at the beginning of April 2020. The world has been completely upended by COVID-19. I have a feeling we’re in store for more. I’ve had to make some decisions regarding the PCVI Summer Writing Series. I’m switching it to an online program. Unfortunately, I’m cutting out the co-working at What Cheer and the Frequency Writers workshop in this proposal. There is just too much uncertainty as to what will be feasible in the coming months due to quarantines and whatnot. I’ll pursue the objectives of integrating vets into the broader RI writing scene later on once things calm down.

This isn’t necessarily bad news. It means the scope of the program has been tightened. We get to focus more on writing stories. I taught an online PCVI creative writing class last night. It’s crazy, I think the current PCVI cohort might even be stronger online! Seeing how well the class has transitioned into distance learning has been encouraging. I told the students today, as long as I’m drawing breath on July 1st, I will run the summer writing class. Regardless of what happens with grants or if Godzilla is attacking the freaking city, I’ll make the class happen.